Toronto Based Blacks Photo Closing

What Made Blacks Blue?

closed signBlacks Photography has been serving Canadians for a very long time already. The  Toronto based company was considered to be one of the best national brands. However, though  it tried to hang on , Blacks recently announced that the company is finally closing down in August of this year. And of course, when a company is closing down, it means that it has been experiencing a crisis that it cannot easily resolve and is already affecting the shop’s profitability.

Now, people are left wondering how such a well-known and sturdy company suddenly experienced the business blues. What could be the reasons or the causes of Blacks business blues?

According to many analysts, one main culprit is the advancement of today’s cell phones. The rising surge of cell phones with cameras is no doubt one thing that contributed to Blacks’ blues. Naturally, if you can take your picture using your cell phone, there would be no need for you to go to the camera shop just to have your photo taken. And since majority of the population have cell phones with cameras, it greatly reduced their customers.

The popularity of social media is another contributing factor why Blacks Photography went low. The presence of social networking sites reduced people’s needs in printing their photos since they can just upload it on the internet for people to see. They can even create albums online. In fact, almost all people take pictures not because they want to put it in their offline album but the reason is mostly to upload it to their online album.

This left only a few traditional photographers to visit the shop, which is still not enough for the business to thrive.

Overall, advancement in technology still took away people’s reasons to visit Blacks Photography. In fact, Blacks is not the only camera shop experiencing the blues but a lot more too. Blacks could still succeed if it comes back with products or services that could give back the people’s reasons to visit the camera shop again.

The Gardiner Dilemma

More Toronto ConstructionThe Pros and Cons of Removing the Gardiner Expressway

The Gardiner Expressway is an establishment that has been standing all over Canadian cities, especially Toronto, since 1955-1966. Now, this expressway is considered as something that needs to be removed already. In fact, its removal is now one of the major topics discussed and debated by politicians, businessmen and even the common commuters in Toronto. No decision has been made yet but here are some of the possible pros and cons of the Gardiner Expressway removal.

The Pros

More space for more real estate. If Gardiner will be removed, of course, the Canadian government can make use of the space where it stood to establish new real estate infrastructure. This will not only benefit the city in terms of economy but also increase tourism.

Enhanced aura of the city. Since the expressway is old infrastructure and looks like it is crumbling due to the harsh winter climate, having it removed will make the waterfront where it once stood, more appealing. When this happens, businesses in the area will also benefit as their names will stand out more, with no expressway to outshine them.

Safety. The old expressway is said to look really old and about to go down which makes it not only an eyesore but also a threat to safety if it is not removed.

The Cons

Possible Traffic. If Gardiner Expressway is removed, traffic is expected to be a disaster as there will be no other road options for travellers.

Convenience. Commuters who want to take the shortest route to their destination will have to say goodbye to convenience because if the expressway is removed, they would have to take an alternate route, the usual longer way.

Politicians are divided in this issue because some believe that patching things up with the expressway is enough and it can come back to life again. But whatever the majority decides, it is best if it takes into consideration not only the business sector but also the public.